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Stormshield receives the ECSO Cybersecurity Made In Europe label

The Cybersecurity Made In Europe label has one ambition: enabling a stronger, more competitive European cybersecurity market. By receiving this label, Stormshield crosses a new threshold in its approach for trusted European cybersecurity.

TheGreenBow VPN

TheGreenBow VPN reviewed by VPNpro

Greenbow’s VPN solutions are suitable in a wide range of different industries. Plus, data-conscious companies should be concerned about under-the-hood security and performance, rather than convenience and a shiny package. As such, The GreenBowVPN is an enterprise service that’s worth considering when you are into Zero Trust Networking (ZTNA)


What are the cybersecurity trends for 2022

2021 was a dense year in terms of cyberthreats. The lack of respite for the public sector (health and local authorities), the extension of ransomware to larger targets (Colonial Pipeline, JBS Food, etc.) and the threats to data confidentiality with the Pegasus spyware: they are all examples of a year like no other, with Log4Shell vulnerability… So what can we expect in terms of cyberthreats in 2022? 


Kwetsbare Log4j applicaties en te nemen stappen

Het NCSC heeft een lijst online geplaatst op Github met applicaties die kwetsbaar zijn als gevolg van de ernstige kwetsbaarheid in Log4j. Deze lijst is nog lang niet volledig en zal de komende dagen aangevuld worden met informatie over applicaties die nog niet op de lijst staan.  


AIRBUS -Stormshield provides companies worldwide with a trusted European alternative for protecting critical infrastructure and operational industry 4.0  environments. 


TheGreenBow has helped its customers address privacy, sovereignty and security issues at the highest level. They are the first European VPN technology provider to obtain in 2013 an EAL3+ Common Criteria certification.


Matrix42 is a leading European software vendor delivering UEM Workspace Management and IT Service Automation Solutions. One platform to manage all digital workspaces on multi-OS endpoints.