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Our cybersecurity partners understand the importance of a successful knowledge transfer that evidence the effectiveness of your cybersecurity controls.  Welcome in our certification training center & webinars section.

Training & certification center

Find all our cybersecurity partner certifications and training calendar in one spot.

Any solution is only as good as the people who work with it. With below training courses you will learn the full potential of possibilities for all our cybersecurity solutions.  And all of this from the most experienced architects and consultants with years of experience from over 1000 projects. So that you can use products even more easily and efficiently.



 Tailor to your individual needs: mastering admin functionalities (CSNA), become an expert (CNSE) analyse and diagnose complex architectures (CSNTS),not forgetting management of the centralised administration console (CSMCE)  


Do you need to upgrade your skills or deepen your knowledge of our Windows VPN Client? Want to optimize your configurations? Then, our open and in-house training courses are made for you!


Practical examples and exercises in small groups will show you how to use the extensive protection functions of Secure Unified Endpoint Management. you will learn everything about basic administration, application control up to data encryption and data monitoring.

Webinars & Workshops

Follow Triple-A cybersecurity and its vendors with their latest webinars and workshops

Register for our live webinars and Workshop events and  expand your know-how on Digital Workspace Management. Customers, our partners and industry experts share their practical knowledge.


Lessons learned on OT cybersecurity

Emerging industries of the future are turning convergence between industrial networks (OTs) and information networks (IT) into a hot topic in the world of industry. This phenomenon highlights the specific characteristics of this infrastructure and reveals certain risks, particularly with regard to cybersecurity.


SNxr1200: A solution adapted to harshconstraints

Watch a video of the SNxr1200, our network security product designed to be embedded in vehicles operating in mission-critical environments for extreme aviation, space and military missions. Ultimate Security for each and every environment

The Greenbow VPN

Industrial IoT: securing data exchange

With potentially 40 billion connected devices by 2025, communications are becoming a prime target for hackers. And today, 70% of commonly used connected items contain vulnerabilities. Connected devices often have an insufficient level of digital security and have been spreading for several years.


FireScope Automatic IT Asset Discovery, Dependency Mapping

Eliminate manual data collection and updates. FireScope will ensure you have complete, up-to-date and accurate CMDB data without any effort.  How long does it take to add or update IT assets in your CMDB? Do projects get delayed because you need to update your IT data before each project so that scope and impact can be assessed?